If you love Peranakan food and you know some Nyonyas who are great cooks, try digging some recipes from them. It can be an astonishing yet humourous experience. This is because the traditional Nyonyas in the past, cooked everything the agak-agak way. Agak-agak means to guess or estimate, and this was how the Nyonyas of old measured their ingredients – by estimation. A thumbsize of this, a finger segment of that, a “senduk” of this, a Nescafe “cangkhir” of that. Everything is to taste, which makes it very subjective. Yet, the homecooked Nyonya dishes from typical Peranakan households are still the best tasting Nyonya dishes compare to Nyonya restaurants. Other than not having a one accurate measured recipe, cooking Peranakan food can be incredibly time-consuming, involving multiple and meticulous steps which demonstrate the ability (and patience) of cooks. This can be a put off to many who resort to paying exorbitantly in Nyonya restaurants for inexpensive dishes that you can cook in the comfort of your own home. Agak Agak Nyonya is here to do the Agak Agak in cooking for you and reduce the time and effort to whip up Classic Nyonya dishes that you can call yours in just a fraction of the time, effort and money!